Re: We'd love to hear your feedback about the 2010 Scripting Games!

Hi Craig,

what can I say about SG2010?

I have been using PowerShell for some time, so I'm quite familiar with the language. That's why I didn't learn much in SG, but it was fun. I liked the tasks, because they were interesting.
Every challenge is great – people are curious how many stars the task will get. Competition is imho better than collaboration (as in SG2009).

In general there are some pros and cons:

  • Pro: SG is good idea
  • Pro: competition over collaboration
  • Pro: randomly select award winners is very pleasant part of SG (I would say that even if I didn't win anything)
  • Con: poshcode problems, that's pretty obvious point
  • Con: I didn't know why my score was low. It would be better to at least leave a comment for me
  • Con: Some scripts got 5 stars even if the scripter wasn't aware about powerShell capabilities (built-in help support, test-path for registry, …). Jaykul pointed to one of them at twitter.
  • Con: You should encourage all participants (or at least people solving advanced scenario) to use PowerShell features. For example why to use remote access to registry via some .NET class when there are cmdlets? I know that it is possible to use .NET (I'm a developer), but imho cmdlets is the standard way.


  • Every user can solve advanced and beginner scenario, but the stars should be counted only from one of them.
  • Previous point means that there should be really 2 winner categories – adv & beginners. It's not fair if advanced people solve adv & beginners and get points from both. Beginners are less motivated then, they can not win.
  • Style points for documentation is wasted time. I saw solutions where doc was very long, maybe half of the script or more. Is it needed? I don't think so. Documentation is boring. It is much more entertaining to make the code better than spent time with documentation.

I hope it doesn't sound like a criticism too much :)
Just wanted to point out some points, because I have read only positive feedback so far.

Thank you for SG2010!

Meta: 2010-06-11, Pepa

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